Aurora: Celestial Body

Marian Smith

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One of my most popular paintings!

This piece is inspired by Aurora (goddess of the morning red) and Charleston's vibrant sunsets. Here, a deity bathes in the warm colors of the radiant Sun.


The Charleston Collection: Anthropomorphizing the Lowcountry.

Much like the deification of concepts in mythology, this series re-imagines aspects our vibrant cultural landscape. A visual exploration where local cuisine, architecture, wildlife, etc. is transformed into abstract portraits. Let's explore what colorful, new faces and personalities would emerge if we translated our favorite food or venue into a person!

"What would a dish of shrimp and grits look like personified?"

"How can I visually translate the feeling of our fiery yet soothing sunset?"



Aurora: 30x38" Acrylic on canvas (2018)


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