With a background in clinical and research psychology, Marian blends her study of the mind with the mystery of the arts. She aspires towards a multidisciplinary career and is building a collection that brings her artistic and analytical abilities together. She enjoys the challenge of re-interpreting images (ex. classical paintings) into her own abstract, geometric style. Much like the deification of concepts in mythology, she also re-imagines the visual personality of stories, emotions, music and elements of cultural landscape. 


 "The Charleston Collection: Anthropomorphizing the Lowcountry"

A visual exploration where local cuisine, architecture, music, wildlife, etc. is transformed into abstract portraits. With a special focus on female narratives, her love of experimentation comes together with a vibrant palette and elegant line-work. Creative prompts include:

"What would this song look like?"

"What appearance and personality would a Bloody Mary drink have?"

"Portrait of a goddess as an oyster pearl?"



Want a custom anthropomorphic portrait as your favorite food, song or place?

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 (Miss Shrimp & Grits)